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Bamboo and Corn-starch
Designed in France
Made in China

Square Plate
Small 18cm £ 10.00
Medium 23cm £ 13.00
Large 28cm £ 16.00
Square Bowl
Side Serving 20cm x 8cm high £ 19.00
XL 28cm x 11cm high £ 36.00
Spoon 27cm long x 7.5cm wide £ 7.50
Scoop/Colander 32cm long x 12cm wide x 6cm deep £ 14.50

Colours: Tangerine, Buttercup, Teal, Turquoise
Bamboo is one of our earth’s most renewable resources. It’s fast growing, naturally regenerative grass which flourishes organically without pesticides or fertilisers.
The bamboo used in these products is compressed sawdust gathered from chopstick manufacturing.

Dishwasher Safe. Not Microwave.

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